Chiba jewelry invite Anne hathaway endorsement


Chiba jewelry (833585) recently released 2016 annual performance forecast, the company revenue in 1.25 billion. 2016, after its chiba jewelry in 2016 is the main reason why Anne hathaway. It is reported, it less than a year, chiba jewelry advertising expenses nearby 60 million only in August 2015 to June 2016.

Announcement shows that chiba jewelry 2016 annual revenue is expected to 1.15 billion ~ 1.25 billion, year-on-year growth of 3.34%, 12.33%. Attributable to shareholders of listed company net profit of 70 million ~ 80 million, an increase of 11.60% – 27.54%.

Chiba jewelry mainly engaged in gold, diamonds and other inlaid jewelry design, development and sales. , according to the company’s performance last year made gratifying achievements, thanks to hire a Hollywood star Anne hathaway as a spokesperson, its brand influence and popularity have greatly increased.

Bayesian net understands, chiba jewellery and Anne hathaway in August 2015 to sign up for the first time. Because the market response is good, in December 2015, chiba jewellery and Anne hathaway contract.

After signing, the influence of Anne hathaway, chiba jewelry increasing marketing and publicity. Public information, 2015 annual chiba jewelry pay Anne hathaway will endorsements and advertising production reached 20 million yuan, but that is only pay part of it.

In the first half of 2016, chiba jewelry paid advertisement cost up to 38.5 million yuan. It is understood that the advertisement fee that pays chiba jewelry in the first half of 2015), 2.72 million yuan. Chiba jewelry, according to the cost is mainly paid to the “star endorsements” and “advertising”.
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(in chiba jewelry in the first half of 2016 sales charges)
In addition, chiba jewelry said, in addition to celebrity endorsements, causes its rising performance has two aspects:
Is a company in 2016 to strengthen the systematic training of sales staff, increase the rate of into the store and sell-through rate; Ascension to attract consumers, store display quality to strengthen supply chain efficiency, etc.
Two is company in the second half of 2016 began with expanding, franchise joining stores by the end of 2016 fast increase to 50, expected sales revenue of 93.52 million.


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