The most popular supermodel Bella Hadid: how to wear a girl with mature face?


D close big show is about to start!

This time Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid sisters will go and
KK is absent.

Bella flew to Paris by plane from Japan,
Kendall and friends together.
Gigi because something yourself the opportunity to go to,
So the sisters have no box.


That is to fine steak today
The dimension of “rookie” Bella Hadid.
(grilled is actually want to her for a long time)
Bella Hadid is 96 sister, everybody know Bella Hadid at first probably because her sister Gigi Hadid.
Sister, 20, has a mature face, rather than a baby-face and sweet sister (Gigi Hadid born 95), Bella born not so popular.
Hadid’s three siblings, they still have a younger brother, mother is also a supermodel, a big long legs.
After be brought up to Gigi so face is the feeling of the sweetheart, Bella face more High Fashion, can hold all kinds of High Fashion with REPLICA CHROME HEARTS RING .


Bella grew up to practice riding, is international equestrian athletes in the United States, has also want to go to take part in the Olympic Games, but for the families of lyme disease in retirement.

And sisters feelings is very good. Before a dinner about lyme disease, Gigi said on the red carpet, she was the only one not, beset by lyme disease see family so sad, for she was so guilty too uncomfortable.

Met Gigi often mentioned when the video Bella, Bella, oneself becomes big sister, also revealed Bella often steal clothes to wear to her wardrobe, and still not back to her. Feel quite painful sister Gigi.

Gigi in advertising took a Guess when I was 2 years old, when I was 16 years old become IMG signed model. But Bella to 14 years landed model company, until the two years, every time Bella jing is colourful, elder sister is always in the social media to encourage younger sister really very proud of you.

The girls are hand in hand go out a lot of time. Really feel very happy ~ such a sister

Both legs grow to box was not fit. (both the height of 178)
Last year’s cannes film festival red carpet, Bella is very bold, open fork directly to the waist, a hit.
15 years, of course, the whole year Bella Hadid also show bully, Chanel, Miumiu, Givenchy various big show all can see her.
Bella magazine offer more and more, more and more red. (love bite fingers that)
Bella ordinary love show figure! If is others, feel this love now, but Bella is think wow if I have such a good figure, face will be so bad.
Birthday parties to wear so, let a person feel very advanced, even vulgar sequins seem so nice.
Bella love sports, besides equestrian will boxing, handsome did all the husband ~
Recently in Dior Heart Of Color party wear clairvoyant outfit, as a new beauty makeup face, Dior’s beauty to the heaven.
Bella before two years often laugh, but in recent basic and cool, but also gradually let a person feel the people really want to hook up with mysterious good sex appeal, let a person feel thunder have outweighed sister recently.
Los Angeles was born, she also took a travel guide to Los Angeles for Vogue, let a person become more and more like this is not the same girl. Video like, water regurgitation terrier is too, I brush about 100 times. (translation: See subtitle group)
Bella Hadid private build grilled steak
A mature face, Bella Hadid is how to wear a girl feeling?
First of all, Bella private will wear a lot of girls are accessories, such as like a Choker.
She loved Chrome already, not only their necklace.
Wearing their home fleece.
Went to Japan in September also specially run to crow heart shop around.
Gigi all your dead, but there is always some relatively parity act the role ofing is tasted. This set, such as Dior jewelry she only set up a 300 piece of velvet Choker, still held to let others think no risk of sponsorship.
But it is her own private affection, such as ins on drying velvet Choker:
Wear a fleece also want a Choker:
Metal necklace she also:
Wear a sweater that show a shoulder a various metal Choker.
Some interesting metal necklace, built with leopard fur and the old QiGan leopard.
There are nice big earrings:
Second, she also love to wear black! A rebellious girl. Walking is black clothes guide.
Such as black fleece. Recently and Kendall is to watch the game in the ancient, spent half a day to find the original, online some ancient are available at the store, you will make a reference.
This year’s super long sleeves fleece.
The black coat.
And through a lot of time with black leather pants.
Take in black – from time to time
Autumn and winter to keep warm, she by Oversize fur coat, but are almost black fur coat also.
The fur coat also has two tees, one is a girl’s tees, Alexander Wang socks.
There is also a handsome is with jeans.
Travel pack is put all black fur.
Because Bella likes sports very much, so often see her wear sportswear out of the street, and wear sportswear so good-looking, also have no a few people!
Recently in a very interesting sportswear, from Adidas. Figure is good to feel like getting out of the secondary yuan comic.
The other also. All is black, such as dimension of sportswear.
Also endorses the Nike, wear black Nike sportswear.
The streets in Japan and his photo, what kind of experience?
Although Bella Hadid so cool, but wear the dimension of angel wings, just smile like flowers.


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