There are so many kinds of diamond, but for replica CHROME HEARTS


The ladies of the¬†replica CHROME HEARTS ¬†jewels have looked at the hot diamond jewelry and found that there are many different shapes of diamonds. Do you know what these shapes are called? Today Miss J + is going to give you a “raise” to show you how these “weird” diamonds are cut. Take down the book as soon as possible. Only have professional knowledge to better appreciate the beauty of jewelry


Diamond cut
Diamond shape is divided into two broad categories: round and special-shaped diamond, we contact more at ordinary times is circular drilling, the non circular diamond in industry terms are referred to as the special-shaped diamond, hereinafter referred to as “special drill”, here we respectively to explain all kinds of shapes of diamonds.
Round Brilliant Cut
Piaget Passion series of Piaget Passion series platinum ring, decorated with a round beauty diamond around 0.70 carats and 42 round diamond around 0.22 carats
Circular cut diamond shape ratio is the most perfect by far the most popular and most widely research and development of the diamond shape, because the round diamond form can embody the best optical effect of diamond, diamond cutting craftsmen have been using the most advanced light behavior theory and precise mathematical calculation to optimize round diamonds in the light and luster.
Oval Cut
Bulgari Bulgari Griffe series platinum ring, inlaid with an oval master drill about 1 carat
The total depth of the elliptical drill is about 60%-65%, and the other shoulder is not too high. The elliptical cut diamond is based on the traditional structure of a round bright diamond, which is also why the elliptical diamond is called the elliptical improved diamond. In the early 1960s, she first cut the diamond into an oval shape.
Emerald Cut
Harry Winston, Winston, Winston, Classic Winston, emerald cut – cut diamond with a long tapered cut edge diamond engagement ring
Emerald-green diamond is a kind of polygonal cutter with inverted Angle, which is a staircase shape, which can be square, rectangular, triangular, diamond, etc., and the length of the width is 1.30 ~ 1.40. This kind of cut diamond, easy to see inside the package body, so the requirement of the cleanliness is higher, deeply loved ~
Radiant Cut (Radiant Cut)
replica CHROME HEARTS Cartier Cartier diamond ring
This charming unique diamond square has a long width ratio between 1 and 1.5. The ratio of rectangle is greater than 1.10. It’s almost like the emerald cut, except for its exterior square, which is the same as the emerald of the emerald.
Cushion Cut
It has 58 facets, compared to: its surface is smaller, other facets are larger, the diamond is thinner, the whole is flat, and the base is processed into a small cut surface. Pad drills are also the first choice in a different type of drill, which makes your wedding ring different.
Princess Cut
Tiffany Tiffany diamond diamond engagement ring
Cutting diamonds into squares is fast becoming one of the most popular cutting methods in engagement rings. The princess’s square drill is usually square, with a radiating surface and a peak of the bottom flaps, with a bright cut and a sharp, uncarved sharp Angle. A princess square diamond usually has 76 facets, making the square diamond more shiny than the round bright diamond.
Heart Cut
CHOPARD CHOPARD CHOPARD FOR EVER FANCY SHAPES series of heart-shaped diamond rings
Heart-shaped diamond comes from ancient Indian style, standard heart-shaped drill has 63, aspect ratio: 0.9 ~ 1.1, aspect ratio can decide the shape of the diamond, also determines the overall external effect of diamonds from the top. Look from the mesa, two shoulders should be circular arc, should not have sharp Angle. The heart most symbolizes love. The heart shape makes it stand out among the many jewelry choices because of its unique shape.
Pear Cut (Pear Cut)
CHAUMET is crowned with a series of pear-shaped diamond rings
The pear shape is also a very popular type, the width ratio should be between 1.45 and 1.75, and the shoulders should not be too high. Based on the traditional structure of round bright diamond. Compared to other shapes, the length and width of a teardrop-shaped diamond is more dependent on individual preferences. Because it can be used for engagement rings, pendants, earrings and traditional design.
Marquise Cut
The earl of Piaget’s Extremely Sparkling series of diamond rings, 32 horse eye shaped cutting diamonds weighing 7.37 carats, 1 pillow cut diamond (about 3.15 carats, 30 round diamonds weighing 0.42 carats)
A “cut the queen,” said the horse eye drill, the fire is better than other cut in the shape of a diamond, due to the special-shaped diamond rarely available in the market, so the choice of the horse eye drill for is not as high as the requirements of circular drill, clarity, color can reference circle drilling, cut main consideration aspect ratio requirements, general aspect ratio is 1.75 ~ 1.75 for the best, all deep than average at around 60%, the shoulder can’t is too high, waist can’t be too sharp, viewed from mesa, waistline assumes the circular arc form, both sides symmetry is better.
The earl’s classic
The earl of replica CHROME HEARTS diamond necklace
In so many cutting technology, why the horse eye type of the type but expensive have “the style queen”? The horse eye cutting technique was commissioned by the French king Louis xv (1770-1774) as a tribute to the most pampered mistress, the marchioness (1721-1764). Madame pompadu was an advocate of art and was the noblest and most elegant lady in Paris at the time. She loved precious stones and had a rich collection of jewels. The 55 cut horseeye cuts are a modified version of the older “navette cut” technique, which is similar in shape but is relatively crude.
The earl of Piaget’s Extremely Sparkling 18-carat platinum necklace, platinum ring
Moreover, the shape of the middle width and width of the horse’s eye shape can be well decorated with the shape of the hand, and it has the character of being independent and having a unique observation ability. Add this cutting to the weight of the carats and make it look bigger. The same 1-carat diamond, the equine eye cut diamond, looks like a diamond, and the visual effects are popular with many people.
As a jeweler with this cutting technique, the earl of Piaget reached a peak in 2014 after nearly half a century of technology. The Extremely Sparkling series takes the classic jewelry process to the best. A variety of high-grade jewelry with equine eye shape diamond Mosaic, from the central to the end to narrow the shape, make the diamond do not have light spirit dynamic, even when Mosaic many beauty drill still don’t feel heavy redundant; A gem that can be matched sparkly, such as the necklace that cuts the beauty of a diamond with a sapphire main stone pendant. Under the sapphire, a series of delicate diamonds and equine shaped diamonds are hung over the sapphire, adding to the dynamic of the jewelry. The entire series has more than 1, 500 horseeyes cut and cut diamonds, and the Piaget jewelry procurement department has been scouring the world for several months. Each piece of jewelry is shining brightly, and the diamond’s light flows from the center to the opposite ends.
The earl of Piaget’s Extremely Sparkling series 18-karat white gold necklace and platinum earrings
This eye-catching necklace, with a horse eye cut diamond round two magnificent emeralds. Necklace with two types of wear, tender lady powder neck, extending to the back of a removable diamond necklace, with the swaying figure into light and disassembled, can change to a more simple and beautiful compact model.
As the leader of the jewelry world, the earl has been mastering this complicated cutting technique, and has been innovating to create its own characteristics while continuing the classic.


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