Cool it cool in the summer heat


In the heat of the summer, the heat wave overcomes your package. You may then need the Sunny side of life series of the earl of Replica CHROME HEARTS , which brings you endless coolness.

replica CHROME HEARTS jewelry

Replica CHROME HEARTS earl Sunny Side of Life series ring inlaid one oval cut aquamarine (about 4.14 carats), 16 egg noodle shape cutting sapphire (about 4.48 carats), 26 horse eye shape cutting Tanzania stone (about 4.12 carats) and 36 circular beauty (about 0.44 carats)
Blue has the magic of cooling in summer, and when you see blue you think of the sea and the pool. Instead of the pool blue, the ring is studded with an oval cut aquamarine weighing about 4.14 carats. The aquamarine is bright and bright, dazzling in the surrounding tanzanite and round diamonds, so even in a perfectly clear pool you can get your attention right away.

replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet

CHROME HEARTS earl Sunny Side of Life series necklace, with 1 oval cut Tanzania stone (about 7.71 carats) and 1083 aquamarine round bead (about 353.40 carats), 1 oval cut aquamarine (about 21.61 carats) and 61 horse eye shape cutting Tanzania stone (about 15.92 carats) and 316 round beauty (about 8.74 carats)
You may need this necklace at a summer pool Party. Hang drop the central set with a 7.71 -carat oval cut Tanzania stone, a 21.61 -carat oval cut aquamarine, part necklace set with 1083 aquamarine round bead, always weighs 353.40 carat, 61 lam pointed cutting Tanzania stone always weighs 15.92 carat, and 316 brilliant-cut diamonds, total weight 8.74 carats.

The earl of CHROME HEARTS , the Sunny Side of Life series, has two oval slices with an estimated weight of 12.53 carats
You can also wear a matching tassel in the party. The upper part of the eardrop is decorated with a perfect oval cut tanzanite, the lower part of the lower part of the sea sapphire, the horse eye shape cut tanzanite and the round beauty drill. When you look back in the moment, the wind sway to have a flavor. It is like a summer evening when the wind is blowing in the heart of the qing dynasty, people can not help but intoxicated.


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