Victor and Jessie wear Princess Jessie’s jewels every time


Jessie and Replica Chrome Hearts Ring
When Jessie and Victor announced their engagement, the would be princess was wearing a familiar jewel on her left ring finger: Princess Jessie’s engagement ring!

Jessie and Replica Chrome Hearts Ring
The Replica Chrome Hearts jewelry is the perfect gift for William’s mother, who died in 1997.
Replica Chrome Hearts Ring
Meggen’s engagement ring is also in contact with her mother-in-law. It consists of three diamonds, a large diamond in the middle, two diamonds on each side. The cheap REPLICA CHROME HEARTS  were from the personal collection of his late mother, Princess Jessie, and the centrepiece was from Botswana, a country close to Harrie’s heart.

To get a closer look, it’s made up of three diamonds, a large diamond in the middle, and two smaller diamonds on each side.
Jessie and her first daughter in law have similar taste in style. Several Times, Kate wore a Valentine’s Tiara. It is sometimes called the “Cambridge Lover’s knot” and is one of the most famous headdresses in the British royal collection, mainly because it is a favourite of Princess Jessie.

Discount CHROME HEARTS RING, part of Princess Kate’s collection, were wedding gifts for Jessie from the Collingwood Jeweller.

Pearl Bracelet

Jessie and KATE ARE PEARL GIRLS! Jessie wears a Nigel Milne Pearl Bracelet with her Elvis costume on her daughter-in-law. Kate wore the Pearl Bracelet during a trip to Berlin in July 2017.

Meggen and Prince Harrie were photographed holidaying in Sydney, Australia, as part of their first royal tour after learning they were expecting their first child this spring.
For the trip, Meggen opted for a white sleeveless dress by Australian designer Karen Gee. She paired her timeless look with a pair of butterfly earrings that Princess Jessie used to wear. Jessie wore the butterfly earrings on her trip to Canada on May 3,1986, a year after she gave birth to Prince Harrie.

Aquamarine Ring

Meggen wears Princess Jessie’s Aquamarine Ring on her right hand and waves to the photographer as she and Harrie drive off to their dinner.


Meggen once again showed off the ring on his royal tour of Tonga. The stunning ring was a gift from Jessie’s good friend, Lucia Flecha de Lima, who gave her the ring as a replacement for her engagement ring after divorcing the Charles, Prince of Wales in 1996.

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