Cheap Ugg Boots

Hi, I would like to know the price for Factory supplier professional for Cheap Ugg Boots, for Cheap Ugg Boots SALE.

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I am interested in buying 15 Piece/Pieces. Please provide us with a quotation. Thank you.

1) For the Cheap Ugg Boots, models we have are for Pro Ugg boot 5815/Ugg boot 5825, Ugg boot 5803/Ugg boot 5815, Ugg boot 5805/Ugg boot 5815/Ugg boot 5825 Retina, could you advise the models you need?

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2) For the Cheap Ugg Boots, we have 3 wood types for you choose, including uggs 5815 Uggs 5825, please check the attached pictures, could you advise wood types you need?
3) For the iPhone Cheap Ugg Boots, could you advise models that you need?

Here also enclosed the instrustion of our factory for reference.

We appreciate for your checking the above questions and let us know to check right cost.
Then we will make quotation and send you asap.