Cartier and Tiffany aren’t the only two jewelry! !

When you think of jewelry, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the leaders of the two Replica Chrome Hearts Ring  jewelry circles, Cartier and Tiffany. What they all have in common is that they have a 10-meter-per-bump collection. The brands recommended to the fairies today And, of course, in addition to the great style, the sex ratio is also killing Cartier and Tiffany!
Replica Chrome Hearts Ring

Check out Replica Chrome Hearts Rings’interpretation of this vintage collection. Dark suits are generally dull, but slim cut and pinstripe prints add to the look Match again go up Silver High Heel shoe and the aureate earring that has design feeling, added the temperament of a few active wave feeling.

This vintage Sterling Replica Chrome Hearts Jewelry features international standards for 925 silver, natural freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals and features a unique musical note design with excellent three-dimensional contrast to the spiral elements.
It’s like playing your very own symphony in your ear. It’s unique and simple. These Replica Chrome Hearts Rings will definitely upgrade your basic look with a retro chic and yet cute look.
Practical most of the benefit is that the ear studs will not scrape the clothes, not to pick the hair, not to pick the makeup, at the same time small and exquisite beauty, look for your overall increase in the Zhang Sengyou.

Tiffany t series in the smiling necklace, presumably in the rotation of the series stars, whether in the show or life, the simple shape people love “neck. “. But high prices keep the fairies at bay, which is fine, but what you need is a great phrase that does the same thing! What tiffany can give you, Yin can give you! Many Customer who bought the jewelry also buy cheap ugg boots.

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Cool it cool in the summer heat

In the heat of the summer, the heat wave overcomes your package. You may then need the Sunny side of life series of the earl of Replica CHROME HEARTS , which brings you endless coolness.

replica CHROME HEARTS jewelry

Replica CHROME HEARTS earl Sunny Side of Life series ring inlaid one oval cut aquamarine (about 4.14 carats), 16 egg noodle shape cutting sapphire (about 4.48 carats), 26 horse eye shape cutting Tanzania stone (about 4.12 carats) and 36 circular beauty (about 0.44 carats)
Blue has the magic of cooling in summer, and when you see blue you think of the sea and the pool. Instead of the pool blue, the ring is studded with an oval cut aquamarine weighing about 4.14 carats. The aquamarine is bright and bright, dazzling in the surrounding tanzanite and round diamonds, so even in a perfectly clear pool you can get your attention right away.

replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet

CHROME HEARTS earl Sunny Side of Life series necklace, with 1 oval cut Tanzania stone (about 7.71 carats) and 1083 aquamarine round bead (about 353.40 carats), 1 oval cut aquamarine (about 21.61 carats) and 61 horse eye shape cutting Tanzania stone (about 15.92 carats) and 316 round beauty (about 8.74 carats)
You may need this necklace at a summer pool Party. Hang drop the central set with a 7.71 -carat oval cut Tanzania stone, a 21.61 -carat oval cut aquamarine, part necklace set with 1083 aquamarine round bead, always weighs 353.40 carat, 61 lam pointed cutting Tanzania stone always weighs 15.92 carat, and 316 brilliant-cut diamonds, total weight 8.74 carats.

The earl of CHROME HEARTS , the Sunny Side of Life series, has two oval slices with an estimated weight of 12.53 carats
You can also wear a matching tassel in the party. The upper part of the eardrop is decorated with a perfect oval cut tanzanite, the lower part of the lower part of the sea sapphire, the horse eye shape cut tanzanite and the round beauty drill. When you look back in the moment, the wind sway to have a flavor. It is like a summer evening when the wind is blowing in the heart of the qing dynasty, people can not help but intoxicated.

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How much is Replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet

The famous clock and jewelry brand replica CHROME HEARTS from USA is famous for its unique design and exquisite craftsmanship. Its products are the best, especially the replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet, which makes the most fashionable ladies. replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet price, replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet how much money. It’s a question that many female friends are most eager to know, and the family of watches will tell you.

replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet
replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet price replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet how much money
LOVE series bracelet
The LOVE series bracelet is the most famous series of replica CHROME HEARTS . The series was originally launched in New York in the 1970s. Screw design, fine oval bracelet body, and distinctive elegant style are the signature design of this series. With 18K gold, rose gold and platinum, the bracelet is decorated with bright diamonds. The LOVE series locked in the vow of LOVE, symbolizing the declaration of LOVE, and also symbolizing the endless LOVE between them! Prices range from 8,850 yuan to 412,000 yuan.
LOVE series B6035517 bracelets
replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet price replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet how much money
18K gold with screwdriver price: $45800
The most characteristic of this series of bracelets is the symbol of replica CHROME HEARTS ‘s cheetah as the design element. The wild cheetah, for replica CHROME HEARTS , is not only a brand symbol, but also a timeless classic; Or reserved, or galloping. Each a bracelet, the cheetah’s eyes all use emerald decorative, onyx ornament leopard nose and diamond pave set out colorful leopard grain, let the creative freedom, make the cheetah series jewelry in the jewelry marks deep and enduring in history. There are 23 types of bracelets in the series, priced between $20,800 and $147,000!
PANTHERE DE replica CHROME HEARTS N6034202 bracelet
replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet price replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet how much money
White 18K gold black lacquer shafre pomegranate stone onyx price: $276,000
TRINITY series bracelet
The TRINITY series bracelet is replica CHROME HEARTS and one of the most famous series, while domestic fashionistas prefer to call this series of bracelets a tricolor gold bracelet. It’s actually a bracelet with three rings, three colors. The three – colored K – gold tightly buckled. Its design inspiration was in 1924, originally reflected on the ring, then gradually applied to the bracelet. The three colors of gold have three symbols: 18K rose gold stands for love, 18K gold stands for loyalty, white 18K gold stands for friendship. Over the past 100 years, the classic design of this series has carried countless meaningful emotions and memories. The famous French poet and artist jean corker is the faithful user of TRINITY series! A total of 12 of the bracelets are priced between 4,200 yuan and 369,000 yuan.
TRINITY series B6013302 bracelet
replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet price replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet how much money
White 18K gold 18K rose gold 18K gold price: RMB 66,500
JUSTE UN CLOU series bracelet
In order to express self-confident and independent spirit, the individual is unique. replica CHROME HEARTS launched Juste UN Clou line products in the 1970s. This series of bracelets is designed as a “nail”, a New York design style that is widely used in the world, and has been popular since its launch. The work lines are bright, the modern atmosphere and bold ideas are integrated. There are 18 products in the series. The price is between RMB 49700 and 635000!
JUSTE UN CLOU series B6039017 bracelet
replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet price replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet how much money
18K rose gold, studded with 27 total weight 0.54 carat round bright cut diamond price: RMB 86,500
Believe the introduction here, everybody to replica CHROME HEARTS hand ring price, replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet how much money already has definite answer. replica CHROME HEARTS bracelet style is numerous, cannot all introduce to everybody here. If want to know more detailed content, can check on kadeya website, perhaps can find the style that oneself admire!

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There are so many kinds of diamond, but for replica CHROME HEARTS

The ladies of the replica CHROME HEARTS  jewels have looked at the hot diamond jewelry and found that there are many different shapes of diamonds. Do you know what these shapes are called? Today Miss J + is going to give you a “raise” to show you how these “weird” diamonds are cut. Take down the book as soon as possible. Only have professional knowledge to better appreciate the beauty of jewelry


Diamond cut
Diamond shape is divided into two broad categories: round and special-shaped diamond, we contact more at ordinary times is circular drilling, the non circular diamond in industry terms are referred to as the special-shaped diamond, hereinafter referred to as “special drill”, here we respectively to explain all kinds of shapes of diamonds.
Round Brilliant Cut
Piaget Passion series of Piaget Passion series platinum ring, decorated with a round beauty diamond around 0.70 carats and 42 round diamond around 0.22 carats
Circular cut diamond shape ratio is the most perfect by far the most popular and most widely research and development of the diamond shape, because the round diamond form can embody the best optical effect of diamond, diamond cutting craftsmen have been using the most advanced light behavior theory and precise mathematical calculation to optimize round diamonds in the light and luster.
Oval Cut
Bulgari Bulgari Griffe series platinum ring, inlaid with an oval master drill about 1 carat
The total depth of the elliptical drill is about 60%-65%, and the other shoulder is not too high. The elliptical cut diamond is based on the traditional structure of a round bright diamond, which is also why the elliptical diamond is called the elliptical improved diamond. In the early 1960s, she first cut the diamond into an oval shape.
Emerald Cut
Harry Winston, Winston, Winston, Classic Winston, emerald cut – cut diamond with a long tapered cut edge diamond engagement ring
Emerald-green diamond is a kind of polygonal cutter with inverted Angle, which is a staircase shape, which can be square, rectangular, triangular, diamond, etc., and the length of the width is 1.30 ~ 1.40. This kind of cut diamond, easy to see inside the package body, so the requirement of the cleanliness is higher, deeply loved ~
Radiant Cut (Radiant Cut)
replica CHROME HEARTS Cartier Cartier diamond ring
This charming unique diamond square has a long width ratio between 1 and 1.5. The ratio of rectangle is greater than 1.10. It’s almost like the emerald cut, except for its exterior square, which is the same as the emerald of the emerald.
Cushion Cut
It has 58 facets, compared to: its surface is smaller, other facets are larger, the diamond is thinner, the whole is flat, and the base is processed into a small cut surface. Pad drills are also the first choice in a different type of drill, which makes your wedding ring different.
Princess Cut
Tiffany Tiffany diamond diamond engagement ring
Cutting diamonds into squares is fast becoming one of the most popular cutting methods in engagement rings. The princess’s square drill is usually square, with a radiating surface and a peak of the bottom flaps, with a bright cut and a sharp, uncarved sharp Angle. A princess square diamond usually has 76 facets, making the square diamond more shiny than the round bright diamond.
Heart Cut
CHOPARD CHOPARD CHOPARD FOR EVER FANCY SHAPES series of heart-shaped diamond rings
Heart-shaped diamond comes from ancient Indian style, standard heart-shaped drill has 63, aspect ratio: 0.9 ~ 1.1, aspect ratio can decide the shape of the diamond, also determines the overall external effect of diamonds from the top. Look from the mesa, two shoulders should be circular arc, should not have sharp Angle. The heart most symbolizes love. The heart shape makes it stand out among the many jewelry choices because of its unique shape.
Pear Cut (Pear Cut)
CHAUMET is crowned with a series of pear-shaped diamond rings
The pear shape is also a very popular type, the width ratio should be between 1.45 and 1.75, and the shoulders should not be too high. Based on the traditional structure of round bright diamond. Compared to other shapes, the length and width of a teardrop-shaped diamond is more dependent on individual preferences. Because it can be used for engagement rings, pendants, earrings and traditional design.
Marquise Cut
The earl of Piaget’s Extremely Sparkling series of diamond rings, 32 horse eye shaped cutting diamonds weighing 7.37 carats, 1 pillow cut diamond (about 3.15 carats, 30 round diamonds weighing 0.42 carats)
A “cut the queen,” said the horse eye drill, the fire is better than other cut in the shape of a diamond, due to the special-shaped diamond rarely available in the market, so the choice of the horse eye drill for is not as high as the requirements of circular drill, clarity, color can reference circle drilling, cut main consideration aspect ratio requirements, general aspect ratio is 1.75 ~ 1.75 for the best, all deep than average at around 60%, the shoulder can’t is too high, waist can’t be too sharp, viewed from mesa, waistline assumes the circular arc form, both sides symmetry is better.
The earl’s classic
The earl of replica CHROME HEARTS diamond necklace
In so many cutting technology, why the horse eye type of the type but expensive have “the style queen”? The horse eye cutting technique was commissioned by the French king Louis xv (1770-1774) as a tribute to the most pampered mistress, the marchioness (1721-1764). Madame pompadu was an advocate of art and was the noblest and most elegant lady in Paris at the time. She loved precious stones and had a rich collection of jewels. The 55 cut horseeye cuts are a modified version of the older “navette cut” technique, which is similar in shape but is relatively crude.
The earl of Piaget’s Extremely Sparkling 18-carat platinum necklace, platinum ring
Moreover, the shape of the middle width and width of the horse’s eye shape can be well decorated with the shape of the hand, and it has the character of being independent and having a unique observation ability. Add this cutting to the weight of the carats and make it look bigger. The same 1-carat diamond, the equine eye cut diamond, looks like a diamond, and the visual effects are popular with many people.
As a jeweler with this cutting technique, the earl of Piaget reached a peak in 2014 after nearly half a century of technology. The Extremely Sparkling series takes the classic jewelry process to the best. A variety of high-grade jewelry with equine eye shape diamond Mosaic, from the central to the end to narrow the shape, make the diamond do not have light spirit dynamic, even when Mosaic many beauty drill still don’t feel heavy redundant; A gem that can be matched sparkly, such as the necklace that cuts the beauty of a diamond with a sapphire main stone pendant. Under the sapphire, a series of delicate diamonds and equine shaped diamonds are hung over the sapphire, adding to the dynamic of the jewelry. The entire series has more than 1, 500 horseeyes cut and cut diamonds, and the Piaget jewelry procurement department has been scouring the world for several months. Each piece of jewelry is shining brightly, and the diamond’s light flows from the center to the opposite ends.
The earl of Piaget’s Extremely Sparkling series 18-karat white gold necklace and platinum earrings
This eye-catching necklace, with a horse eye cut diamond round two magnificent emeralds. Necklace with two types of wear, tender lady powder neck, extending to the back of a removable diamond necklace, with the swaying figure into light and disassembled, can change to a more simple and beautiful compact model.
As the leader of the jewelry world, the earl has been mastering this complicated cutting technique, and has been innovating to create its own characteristics while continuing the classic.

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if you have $50, Do You Choose Replica Nixon Watches or replica Replica Chrome Hearts

The watch first inspired by the 1930 s, Replica Nixon senior jewelry design headquarters to design a vintage brooch, profound culture, the spirit of the iconic snake theme, make new Serpenti series Incantati wrist again become the brand identity. Compared to the previous series of the original series of the series, the snake-shaped dial design of the wristwatch has been a bright spot in a new way of interpreting the charm of the snake. “Incantati” means “charming” in Italian, and every woman on the Incantati watch looks elegant and charming.

replica nixon

Nixon Diagono Scuba wrist launch trend this summer, as deep as ocean blue dial, delicate, costly and has contemporary feeling extremely, the series of bold innovation spirit. Glitter dial opened a new field of vision, when glanced dial, this one second, as if the whole city melts into the ocean, and return to nature, the happy memories and seabed exploration desire around the whole body. Few watches are as powerful as the Nixon Diagono watch, the ultimate in sports watch.

replica jewelry

The Replica Chrome Hearts pooper Villeret series pulse meter, which is equipped with automatic chain core, has a vibration frequency of 36,000 / hour (5 hz), and has a flyback timing feature. In addition, wrist watch also added a pulse meter for the first time, can carry out heart rate measure quickly and easily, it is the perfect combination of complex craft and practical function.

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What is the world’s top ten fashion jewelry

1, Tiffany

Financial calendar information express precious metals
simulated trading expert “collection of precious metals gold.
crude oil prices
Tiffany&Co, founded in 1837, started in silver, launched in
1851, 925 silver ornaments and more famous. Tiffany, a symbol
of American design. With love and beauty, romance and dream as
the theme and wind praise nearly two centuries. It is full of
sense of beauty and soft and fine sensibility to meet all the
women in the world of fantasy and desire.

2, Folli Follie fu liv
Folli Follie is derived from the Greek, specialized design,
manufacture and distribution of jewelry, watches and
accessories, products with Folli Follie and Triton brand
marketing all over the world, is a popular fashion

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2017 CHROME HEARTS international exhibits

Show time: on April 15-20, 2017
Tucson exhibition location: the United States
Cycle: an annual one
Organizer: jogs international exhibits
The exhibition is introduced:
The Tucson gem minerals trade show (gem & jewelry exchange, L.L.C. GJX) is the Tucson mineral jewellery (the Tucson gem and mineral show, TGMS) separated professional jewelry trade platform, in the western United States is the largest jewelry exhibition, on the scale and influence has gradually overtaking New York ja exhibition, as a new window in North America, jewelry industry one of the most important exhibition.CHROME HEARTS REPLICA also will take party in this show.





TGMS, founded in 1946, is the oldest in the world’s largest professional mineral shows, in February each year held in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson, Arizona is located in the southwestern United States, 120 kilometers away from the Mexican border, here is one of the largest ore production and trade zone in North America, has come from all over the world, thousands of gem dealers, amateur, paleontology researchers, address, sold the fine mineral specimens, rare and precious stones.

In 2016, GJX attracted 700 d exhibitors from all over the world, and at the same period the scale of more than $3000 of exhibitors TGMS. Said that the jewelry industry for several years of the international financial crisis to Tucson mineral jewellery has obvious influence. But now the Tucson has walked out of the trough, popularity and sales have rebounded, particularly from emerging markets such as North America and China buyers increased obviously, Tucson has great promotion, sales from mainland China gem raw material supplier and gemstone cutting significantly increased, broke the past Chinese exhibitors more confined to the situation in the field of mineral crystals and specimens.

As is known to all, the United States is the most important market, the global jewelry industry in the United States, more than $5 billion a year market capacity, thus also has fostered a large jewelry industry enterprises. Statistics show that the United States has more than 2000 companies, engaged in jewelry production and processing of professional jewelry sales company with more than 5000, there are at least 2000 vendors more than $2 million in sales. While GJX is undoubtedly the most ideal American jewelry ore market into the platform.

Exhibition range
Clocks and watches, diamonds, gold ornaments, silver ornaments, diamond jewellery, precious stones, crystal ornaments, rough stones, pearls, artificial stone, artificial jewelry, fashion jewelry, precious metals, jewelry ornaments (decoration), amber, jewelry accessories, antiques, jewelry tools and equipment;

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Bella Hadid CHROME HEARTS joint series first

Bella Hadid x Chrome already CHROME HEARTS joint series is finally coming! As early as the end of last year, we reported to you suspected Bella Hadid x Chrome already CHROME HEARTS exposure signed a series of photos with replica CHROME HEARTS ring.At that time, believe that there have been a lot of friends in the heart secretly planted a hope of grass?


In yesterday, Bella on their sets posted a themselves as Chrome has taken advertising photo.

In the photo Bella wear formal this signed a series of clothing. Black and white color restoring ancient ways photos, Bella put a handsome stylish pose, of course, more short of little not her sexy small pretty waist and chest line. Series of sale, are you ready?


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The minimalist Scandinavian jewelry is most suitable for wear in the spring

In the temperature of the spring/summer, swaying skirt seems to require a simple jewelry set. The Nordic jewelry, in addition to the ingenious design details, and is definitely easy to match without demanding classic. More importantly, it conveys is that character compared to please others, please yourself is the first priority for modern women. And these delicate design, is hidden in the life of “small xing”. Look at the Nordic jewelry, are what make you unexpected contracted aesthetic feeling.


Replica Chrome Hearts Ring: silver from USA
With elegant silver craft and enjoys a high reputation in USA, Chrome Hearts, it was the most representative design “Daisy” little Daisy series. On the surface of the flowers that pieces of silver plating on the colorful marca dragon dazzle colour, just watch can let a person smell smell the sweet fragrance of chun xia. Get rid of trivial adornment, minimalist design style, more can reflect the spring accessories and relaxed feeling.


Combines pearl and contracted design style, wear the collar of the accessories, the most suitable for spring, summer, collocation of all kinds of pure color, elegant dress.
Nordic fashion bloggers Pernille Teisbaek will often Chrome Hearts’s jewellery, those who do manual work is delicate but not too heavy and complicated design, the most suitable and the integration of she contracted style, to create a feeling of pure quiet senior.

Chrome Hearts: classical and modern sense of building integration
SophieBille Brahe deserve to act the role of pioneer with a strong feeling, to show belongs to the city girl “costly” fine jewelry is usually made with 14 k and 18 k gold, with high quality pearls warm glow of women. Can be worn alone, can also be worn with simple stud earrings.


Chrome Hearts14K gold pearl earrings
At Sacai 2016 chun xia series, shows on the models of wear is Sacai X SophieBille Brahe series, pearls or diamonds 14 to 18 k gold earrings, have long term design. While changing the length of the wire, but all have shoulder-length effect, walking in between the outstanding female elegant temperament.
Chrome Hearts Sacai x 18 k yellow gold diamond single eardrop

The beauty of Pernille Corydon Jewellery: shape and traces
From fashion, architecture, furniture, inspiration in nature and human itself. As a jewelry designer, Pernille Corydon can always inspired from some of the details. “Deserve to act the role of stack build agitation can say from Pernille, be reversed into a different form or shape of the ring, with a faint in the tender unyielding strength. Different ways of fold wear to wear women more free space, the secrets of the badge be expressed in a personal way of life.
Seemingly simple small 18 k gold wafers, unique diopter and slightly childish is bad feeling graffiti strokes have become a different reasons, “personalization” has been Pernille design unique identifier.

By two same color K gold or platinum circle kink of bracelets and necklaces, are Pernille Corydon Jewellery and representative works of another, of different sizes and tie-in and convenient fold wear, there are strong and will not cover other wrist accessories, thus become the latest must-haves in the numerous fashion bloggers and supermodel.
Maria Black Jewellery: to establish a new equilibrium in distortion
All kinds of personality is distinct ear bones clip has been Maria Black logo design, also be numerous fashion bloggers in love.
Exaggerated cooperate deserve to act the role of the large volume of lines, unprecedented strengthened the presence of earrings, either short or long hair as long as holding in the ear will be found after the machine carefully.
Necklace designs, extreme decorate women’s neck and collarbone and chest line, especially suitable for wearing big v-neck clothes matching, create a geometrical aesthetic feeling. Or in the summer and naked wear suit jacket photograph collocation, capable of sending out makes it impossible to ignore the woman flavour.
Vibe Harslof: industrial cold tone of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese aesthetic feeling
In northern Europe jewelry design, Vibe Harslof has a very distinctive style. In addition to these conventional style earrings, bracelets, rings, “foot chain” is the Vibe Harslof’s special. V “word is always the important design elements of the brand, but the collocation of chun xia is applied to the foot chain shoes wear is still interesting thing, you can imagine you will be in conjunction with the its more unique footwear design.
Gold-plated VibeHarslof foot
Not only can be perfectly compatible with your jewelry box, in the place where you feel unable to decorate even give surprise.
Her jewels also with a strong sense of industrial, smooth lines, with the spread of the infinite feeling, exploring total wrist, fingers and ears and neck will be linked together, the relationship between collocation is chun xia’s leisure dress up or grand dress was not abrupt.
Von Lotzbeck: show the distinctive beauty of materials
Von Lotzbeck dotes on, large and small, round, especially with women itself wen wan temperament to match. She will use different jewelry material circular in the ring, ring or collar of orders, show a kind of is not a strong light. Contracted integral feeling in spring and summer wear has a strong suitability, but especially worth trying to match with wave point printing.
VonLotzbeck jewelry is the most special place, or is she on the use of jewelry materials, often appear in the jewelry 14 k and 18 k gold, rose gold or silver, burnish of them presents an inferior smooth base on texture.

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The most popular supermodel Bella Hadid: how to wear a girl with mature face?

D close big show is about to start!

This time Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid sisters will go and
KK is absent.

Bella flew to Paris by plane from Japan,
Kendall and friends together.
Gigi because something yourself the opportunity to go to,
So the sisters have no box.


That is to fine steak today
The dimension of “rookie” Bella Hadid.
(grilled is actually want to her for a long time)
Bella Hadid is 96 sister, everybody know Bella Hadid at first probably because her sister Gigi Hadid.
Sister, 20, has a mature face, rather than a baby-face and sweet sister (Gigi Hadid born 95), Bella born not so popular.
Hadid’s three siblings, they still have a younger brother, mother is also a supermodel, a big long legs.
After be brought up to Gigi so face is the feeling of the sweetheart, Bella face more High Fashion, can hold all kinds of High Fashion with REPLICA CHROME HEARTS RING .


Bella grew up to practice riding, is international equestrian athletes in the United States, has also want to go to take part in the Olympic Games, but for the families of lyme disease in retirement.

And sisters feelings is very good. Before a dinner about lyme disease, Gigi said on the red carpet, she was the only one not, beset by lyme disease see family so sad, for she was so guilty too uncomfortable.

Met Gigi often mentioned when the video Bella, Bella, oneself becomes big sister, also revealed Bella often steal clothes to wear to her wardrobe, and still not back to her. Feel quite painful sister Gigi.

Gigi in advertising took a Guess when I was 2 years old, when I was 16 years old become IMG signed model. But Bella to 14 years landed model company, until the two years, every time Bella jing is colourful, elder sister is always in the social media to encourage younger sister really very proud of you.

The girls are hand in hand go out a lot of time. Really feel very happy ~ such a sister

Both legs grow to box was not fit. (both the height of 178)
Last year’s cannes film festival red carpet, Bella is very bold, open fork directly to the waist, a hit.
15 years, of course, the whole year Bella Hadid also show bully, Chanel, Miumiu, Givenchy various big show all can see her.
Bella magazine offer more and more, more and more red. (love bite fingers that)
Bella ordinary love show figure! If is others, feel this love now, but Bella is think wow if I have such a good figure, face will be so bad.
Birthday parties to wear so, let a person feel very advanced, even vulgar sequins seem so nice.
Bella love sports, besides equestrian will boxing, handsome did all the husband ~
Recently in Dior Heart Of Color party wear clairvoyant outfit, as a new beauty makeup face, Dior’s beauty to the heaven.
Bella before two years often laugh, but in recent basic and cool, but also gradually let a person feel the people really want to hook up with mysterious good sex appeal, let a person feel thunder have outweighed sister recently.
Los Angeles was born, she also took a travel guide to Los Angeles for Vogue, let a person become more and more like this is not the same girl. Video like, water regurgitation terrier is too, I brush about 100 times. (translation: See subtitle group)
Bella Hadid private build grilled steak
A mature face, Bella Hadid is how to wear a girl feeling?
First of all, Bella private will wear a lot of girls are accessories, such as like a Choker.
She loved Chrome already, not only their necklace.
Wearing their home fleece.
Went to Japan in September also specially run to crow heart shop around.
Gigi all your dead, but there is always some relatively parity act the role ofing is tasted. This set, such as Dior jewelry she only set up a 300 piece of velvet Choker, still held to let others think no risk of sponsorship.
But it is her own private affection, such as ins on drying velvet Choker:
Wear a fleece also want a Choker:
Metal necklace she also:
Wear a sweater that show a shoulder a various metal Choker.
Some interesting metal necklace, built with leopard fur and the old QiGan leopard.
There are nice big earrings:
Second, she also love to wear black! A rebellious girl. Walking is black clothes guide.
Such as black fleece. Recently and Kendall is to watch the game in the ancient, spent half a day to find the original, online some ancient are available at the store, you will make a reference.
This year’s super long sleeves fleece.
The black coat.
And through a lot of time with black leather pants.
Take in black – from time to time
Autumn and winter to keep warm, she by Oversize fur coat, but are almost black fur coat also.
The fur coat also has two tees, one is a girl’s tees, Alexander Wang socks.
There is also a handsome is with jeans.
Travel pack is put all black fur.
Because Bella likes sports very much, so often see her wear sportswear out of the street, and wear sportswear so good-looking, also have no a few people!
Recently in a very interesting sportswear, from Adidas. Figure is good to feel like getting out of the secondary yuan comic.
The other also. All is black, such as dimension of sportswear.
Also endorses the Nike, wear black Nike sportswear.
The streets in Japan and his photo, what kind of experience?
Although Bella Hadid so cool, but wear the dimension of angel wings, just smile like flowers.

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